Buy an apartment in Zhytomyr

1. Reasons for buying an apartment in Zhitomiri

High security level

Zhytomyr has a high level of security, which allows apartment owners to be calm about their property.

Low prices

Housing prices in Zhitomiri remain low in comparison with other Ukrainian cities. This allows you to buy an apartment for a decent price.

Wide range of apartments

In Zhytomyr there is a wide range of apartments, which differ in size, location, level of amenities and other parameters.

Infrastructure development

Zhytomyr is developing rapidly, new stores, bars, cafes, cultural institutions and other places that meet the needs of residents are opened.

2. Search for apartments on the website - is an Internet site that helps you find the right apartment in Zhitomir. On the site you can turn the required apartment for a variety of parameters: area, area, number of rooms, price, planning, material of construction and others. Searching for an apartment on the site is very easy and simple.

2.1 Registering on the website

To start apartment search on the website, you need to register. To do this on the main page of the site you need to click on the button "Register". Then you need to fill in the form with data: e-mail, password, password confirmation and so on. After successful registration you can start searching.

2.2 Poshuk kvartiri

To start searching for an apartment on the website, go to the "Search" tab. Here you can set the search parameters: neighborhood, area, number of rooms, price, planning, building material and others. After all the parameters are set, you can press the button "Shukati". All suitable apartments will be shown on the page. You can also view detailed information about each apartment by going to its page.

2.3 Contacting the seller

If you have found a suitable apartment, you can contact the seller. The seller's contacts will be listed on the apartment page. You can also send a message to the seller using the form on the apartment page. The seller will definitely respond to your notice and will help you buy an apartment in Zhytomyrі.

3. basic parameters of apartment search

3.1 Neighborhood

You can start searching for an apartment in Zhytomyr by choosing a neighborhood. On the website all districts of the city are presented.

3.2 Price

For apartment search by price on the site you can use filters. You can specify a range of prices for apartment search.

3.3 Size

On the website you can also find an apartment for the density. You can specify the size of the apartment that suits you.

3.4 Additional parameters

On the website you can also find an apartment with additional parameters. You can specify the number of rooms, surface, material of the building, subway and more.

4. Zagalna characteristic of the apartment


The apartment is located in the center of Zhitomir. Distance to the nearest store, restaurant and cinema is less than one kilometer.

Number of rooms

The apartment has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom.


Zagalna area of the apartment become 55 square meters. m.

Room condition

The apartment is sold in the state of ""like"". All rooms are being renovated, which allows the buyers to start living in a new apartment without additional costs.

5. Price of the apartment and terms of purchase

Apartment price

Prices for apartments in Zhytomyr depend on location, area, number of rooms and other factors. In general, prices for apartments in Zhytomyr start from $20 000 and can reach up to $100 000. It is also possible to buy an apartment at a favorable price through an auction.

Shopping Smarts

To buy an apartment in Zhytomyr, you need to register on the site and go through the procedure of data verification. After registration you can choose the apartment you need and go through the purchase procedure. Payment can be made by credit card or bank card. After the purchase, you will need to obtain documents of ownership of the property.

6. Advantages of choosing an apartment in Zhitomiri

6.1 Visible location

Zhytomyr is one of the largest cities in Ukraine. This allows access to various services and establishments on all its territories. This allows buyers of apartments in Zhytomyr to enjoy accessibility to stores, cafes, banks, bus stops and other services.

6.2 Inexpensive prices

Prices for apartments in Zhytomyr are significantly lower than the prices in Kiev and Ivano-Frankivsk. This allows buyers of apartments in Zhytomyr to save money for the purchase of a building.

6.3 Wide range of apartments

In Zhytomyr there are many variants of apartments for any budget. By using the website you can find a lot of offers for an affordable price. You can also search for an apartment in any part of the city.

6.4 High quality of services

In Zhytomyr there are many brokers and agencies, which provide services for the sale and rent of apartments. They work with professional agents who will help you find the best offer for your apartment.

7. Tips for buying an apartment in Zhitomiri

Verification of the correctness of documents

Before buying an apartment in Zhytomyr, it is necessary to verify that all documents provided by the seller are true. It is important to verify the correctness of the data about the ownership right, the area of the apartment and all other indicators.

Familiarization with the environment

Before buying an apartment in Zhytomyr it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. It is important to find out whether there are schools, pharmacies, supermarkets and other socially important objects nearby.

Obrannya profiynoї service for the sale of real estate

To buy an apartment in Zhytomyr you need to turn to a professional service for the sale of real estate. This service will help you save time and ensure the authenticity of the sale.

Checking the sanitary condition of the apartment

Before buying an apartment in Zhytomyr it is necessary to check its sanitary condition. It is important to check if there are any problems with the water supply, electrical installation and other systems.