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Music for Dancing:

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How to choose music for dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of the sports with choreographic training. It combines physical qualities such as strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and agility. Music accompanying sports dancing is very important for dancers, without it you can not achieve good results, and just a pleasant pastime. With the help of music you can show your dancing skills or, conversely, to temper the ardor, especially in the first moments of the event. Ballroom dance music. Music for dancing affects the mood, emotions of the dancers, strengthens or, conversely, dulls the excitement of the sport. It can even completely change the impression of the dance, make it more emotional or, conversely, gloomy.
As a rule, ballroom dancing, include very many dance styles, and this gives the opportunity to dance different styles and types. Music plays a very important role. In dance it is also important, because each dancer has his own unique style and his own zest! Music is directly related to the beauty of movement, and it creates a certain mood that helps the viewer or listener to fully immerse themselves in the story of a particular dance. Even if the performance is just being prepared, the music affects how the movements will be, how beautiful and harmonious they will be.
A great deal of attention in this genre is paid to the music for the demonstration performances, because it is with it the preparation of all participants in the upcoming competition begins. Here dance music can be absolutely any, because it all depends on what you need to show, what style of dance should be, what direction.

Music directions for popular dances


Fast, energetic music is best for this dance. This style usually consists of several steps and jumps. Often there is no separate dance for it, and it is used as a supplement to the main dance or as a base. Another feature of this dance is its versatility. It can be performed to any music that matches the dance.


This dance is mostly performed in the Latin American style: with movements of the hips and hands that create bizarre patterns in the air. Samba is an energetic dance with many fast movements of arms and legs. It is one of the most popular dances in the world to dance at the disco. The best musical instruments for this style are drums, maracas, kalimba, tambourines and more. Music for this dance should be quite energetic.


It is a classical dance that has been one of the most popular dances in the world since ancient times. It is characterized by slow, melodic music with a light but strong rhythm. The waltz is considered the most suitable for dancing in pairs. The most common instruments for this style are classical and lute music. Slow and solemn melodies will create an atmosphere of elegance and romance.


This is a very popular Latin American dance, which consists of several movements. Suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to move and create an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor. This dance includes several movements that are performed to rhythmic music. The cha-cha-cha consists of fast movements and resembles something between tango and samba. It is suitable both for beginners and for those who already know and know a lot. This style is characterized by fast music with an easy rhythm.


The music for this dance is very intense, dynamic. The style consists of many sharp movements, which are accompanied by sharp sounds and energetic music. Jive is often confused with the Latin dance samba. It is very energetic and incendiary. It is often called the "party dance.


This style came to our country from Africa. It is believed that this dance most accurately reflects the temperament and temperament of the people who dance it. It is characterized by a strong rhythmic, which requires a quick reaction. The movements are simple enough, but they are very beautiful. Rumba is one of the easiest dances. It has no complicated movements, so anyone can learn to dance it. The music for it is most often very rhythmic, but light.


This dance can easily express emotions, it combines many different movements, which can be both slow and fast. The music for this dance consists mainly of percussion instruments.

Slow Waltz.

This style of dance has no clear rules, so everyone can choose what they like. This style is the basis for all dances. It is under it most often waltz danced at various events. Under the slow music you can show all their capabilities, their emotions and feelings.

Vienna Waltz.

The music here is usually fast and romantic. This dance is very bright and unusual. It begins with slow music, and then gradually picks up speed, making it seem as if the waltz is moving very quickly.


This dance is known all over the world. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. This dance uses many simple movements, which are performed to rhythmic, fast music. As the music is suitable compositions with a tempo of 4/4 and with 4 beats in each measure.


This style is slower compared to the others, characterized by smooth movements. It has its own feature, which is that on the dance floor participants are not in the same position. Dance to this style can be any music that the audience prefers to dance. The movements can be both energetic and slow.
Music for other kinds of dancing

Disco. This is one of the most popular styles that young people really like. It includes simple movements, and therefore it can easily be performed without prior training. This style is characterized by fast music with different rhythmic patterns. The dance floor is often called a disco bar. An excellent addition will be different lighting effects. An ideal option would be a laser show or disco with light effects.Salsa. This dance is very popular and vibrant. It is characterized by fast music, where percussion instruments prevail. This style is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. It consists of several movements that are performed to rhythmic, fast music. The drumming allows you to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Bachata. It is an incredibly sensual and gentle dance, which is one of the most popular in the world. It combines smooth movements and gentle sounds of the violin. This style is characterized by slow, smooth music with a slight vibe. This dance is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. The best musical instruments for this style are violin, cello or double bass.

Chakra. This Indian dance, also known as "tango chakra," is one of the main elements of Indian culture. It is quite complex and consists of different movements and poses, which vary depending on what stage of development the dancer is at. This dance is characterized by special music, which sounds very gentle and slow, creating an atmosphere of romance.


To summarize all of the above, we can conclude that music for dancing is an integral part of our lives. We hear the music that surrounds us every day, and sometimes we do not even notice it. But the music can change a person's mood, his worldview. In ballroom dancing, it allows you to express the mood of the dancer and emphasize his mental organization.